Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My Senior Thesis is complete! Here are images from the Runway show that happened in April. and a photo shoot I was fortunate enough to have with a very talented photography student

I can't believe it's over!

Self Critique: After seeing my look come down the runway I was really proud of what I had accomplished- but at the same time, there are things that could of been improved.

Everything is a learning experience. I wish I had been more self critical during the first drapes of my garments, I feel the dress stays true to my drawing expept for one thing, I should of lowered the waist. When I saw the final dress it looked a lot 'younger' then I expected. The look would of also worked for a size 5, All because the waist was to high. Dropping the waist would of given it the slightly older feel I was going for. A 12 year old wouldn't want a garment that would also look good on a 5 year old. /sigh

Overall I love my garments! As long as I learn from the process this time, the next time can be even more successful!

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