Saturday, August 27, 2011

ode to summer

summer is my favorite time of year,i think it says a lot about a person- what their favorite season is. it's so miserable and hot but you're so alive at the same time and harsh yellow light reflects off everything into your eyes and you can feel every twitch of an insects wings as heat materializes as sweat on your body.

its hot and the heat feels like a physical pressure but you better drink it to the last drop because these are some of the best days of your life spent seeking endless enjoyment to fill the large gaps of time that would otherwise be spent thinking 'its fucking hot'

and even though it's suppose to be business as usual as an adult not off from school there is still a recklessness in the air we can never shake because our whole lives were built around letting go when its too hot to think. and you want to know whats next and you don't think about work because it's the fucking summer for Christs party's happen and too many drinks are drunk and toilets are hugged and its all a great time till work the next day but then you'll do it all again the next night and people with convince you to do things you've always wanted to but held back and your making memories you'll tell the kids.

and you'll all complain its hot and you'll all be drinking iced coffee while longing for air conditioning.

and then it's all over and you don't remember the sweat or how your damp clothes clung to you on the subway platform before the train came because you are too busy romanticizing the stillness at night in between the soft breeze and the smell of damp grass before the sun drys every drop of water out of the dirt and laughing while walking home too late at night to be awake at work the next day. and it's all over and you wake up with a hangover like ache thinking about what your leaving behind as you go forward with no choice into the fall.


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