Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm going to make something beautiful from only what I have.

Welcome to my first post about my Senior Thesis. Any posts about it will be under the Header 'Personal Puzzle pieces: Senior Thesis' if you care to follow my endeavors!

So the story is.....this Spring I am in my Senior year at FIT majoring in Fashion Design. For my Senior Thesis I am designing a 12 look Children's wear/Tween collection. Two looks will be made by me as a grade. One will be selected by a panel of judges to go down the runway.I want all of my garments to be made from materials I already have. To embrace my limitations as my creativity.

So Welcome to my personal diary of progress....... The design process is a fickle creature..... Inspiration does not come when it is called, and yet, waiting for it is not an option. But still, I cannot help but want to capture it!

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