Sunday, January 24, 2010


The first inklings

Where exactly do designers begin when starting a collection? Do the sketch first? Source fabric? Decide on a 'Mood'?

Well everyone is different. At first I thought a 'Mood' or 'Theme' might strike me, inspire me. I thought of several, but then I realized every fabric I choose, every garment I designed, would be trying to fit into that 'mood' or 'theme'.

I don't want to work that way. I want to pick my pieces first to build the puzzle. Not try to fit pieces into the puzzle.

So I started to think; 'what do I want to accomplish? what do I want to express? how do I want someone to feel as they view my collection?

The state of fashion is at an interesting turning point. Luxury is out, thrift is in. I too, have been affected by the economy. But how can I turn that around? How can I take my limitations and turn them into creativity?

I'm going to use what I have, I'm going to take the fabrics I have and view them as a canvas, turn it into something that inspires me. Dye it, manipulate it, cut it, layer it. I'm going to take this perceived 'bad situation' and embrace it. By making something positive and beautiful from nothing.

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