Wednesday, January 27, 2010


God is in the details

Before I even start sketching I want to think of the details. I love details, and I'm often reminded of the saying 'God is in the details'. because in a way its true. The bigger picture only comes together because of the smaller details.

One of the fabrics I want to use- because I have a lot of it, is organza. I have an array of colors from a past project. I used the organza to make soft spiral flower shapes, as well as 'vines' creeping out from them.

You can see it here, used on the green scarf;

Besides the organza there is one other 'must' fabric I want to use for this technique;

A 'cut out' technique I tried by drawing my shapes lightly on the back and than sewing a satin stitch on the front. Then I cut out the shapes. On this sample I tried backing it with organza for an ethereal look.

Same technique with a tie-dyed backing, with a hand sewn top stitch in silver

The two images above are just sewing samples, I don't know yet what design I'll use for the cut-outs. But the reason I'm using that technique (if I can call it that seeing as I just made it up) is because my Grandmother gave me her Wedding Dress.

It's been sitting in my closet and It's something so beautiful and full of memories that I can't let it lay forgotten. But the fabric has become very dedicate over time, and is not exactly my cup of tea- so I wanted to manipulate it in some way to make it a little bit more interesting. It's quite delicate and reminded me of doily's, so I thought I would try a cut out technique.

Another thing I want to use is found materials. And when I thought of what to use it was perfect- pockets. I love pockets, and I've collected old garments (in poor condition so they can't be donated) and cut them up by the seams and then cut the pockets out. The left over fabric I donated to a local pre-school for arts and crafts projects.(They really love odds and ends and practically anything!) A great way to recycle. If I liked the fabric I kept it for the possibility of other design details.

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  1. Hi brittany

    I love the idea that you are using my wedding dress for your project and IIcant wait for thefinal design in the fashion show love grammy