Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WEATHER PATTERNS: Fashion Forecasting

Women's and Junior's Spring/ Summer 2011 TREND REPORT part 1
Dior runway; all runway photos credit to style.com

layers, the 'whole look', cohesive, mix n' match, statement

each garment is a puzzle piece to the bigger picture

sub themes;


brights, rebirth, feminine, mix n match, layers, floral prints, ruffles, flounce, eccentric, chartreuse, fuchsia, tangerine, flow, silk, chiffon, glitter, shout

all we can do is boldly step forward. bright colors display confidence in ourselves and in the world. life is a party. time to live in it

Runway left to right; Blumarine, Armani, Givenchy, Blumarine


quiet, subtle, pastels, understated, worldly, meditation, watercolors, details, artisan, summer, heat, antique white, pink, leaf green, knits, gauze, light, airy, reflective

exploring a dream that seduces reality. the world on the other side of the mirror. can we recreate something as beautiful as a lost memory? a familiar scent.

runway left to right; McQueen, Chanel, Dior,Chanel


old world, moody, retreat, cocoon, yard sale, cling, neutrals, Grey, brown, tainted, strong silhouettes, woven, structure, ethnic, natural ,feathers, leather, glass, wood, sand

the bridge that connects the past and the future. a stuffed animal from home, on your first day of school. a hesitation, before acceptance. it is a new and beautiful dream but haven't you had it before?

runway left to right; McQueen, Anna Sui, McQueen, Anna Sui

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  1. wow that was a really nice post,
    and i want that yellow dior dress ha ha