Friday, April 1, 2011


'The Crown-less again shall be king'

I feel funny about this look, the overalls are from my Senior Collection in High School. Which was 5 years ago, So personally it feels.....nostalgic ? @ my High school we had a Fashion Design program that culminated in the 'Senior Fashion Show' where we displayed our runway collections. I personally had 3 different looks as seen below;

My first look- Sailor collar Hoodie, turtleneck w/ asymmetrical collar, 'puff' shorts', scrunched leggings and purse

Second look- sleeveless turtleneck /w overall dress and handmade cat hat

Third look- caplet, tank top, asymmetrical skirt w/ ruffle

I sold most of the pieces but my favorite was the overall dress, so it was about time I tried something with it !

Thanks for looking :)

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